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ADHD Study

Study Details



Looking for participants for a 7-week treatment study investigating effectiveness of a nutritional supplement on ADHD verses placebo. 


Participants will receive $200 at the conclusion of the study.


Interested participants will be screened.


A total of 6 office visits will be required to complete study, which includes screening visit, baseline visit, four follow-up visits and a final short telephone consult. Participants will be allowed to cross-over into a different treatment group after week 2. 


There are no charges for the office visits or nutritional product supplied; participants will be compensated $200 at last office visit.  



Study participants must:

  • Be between 18-55 years old. 

  • Been diagnosed with ADHD and/or meets the DSM-IV-TR diagnostic criteria for ADHD. 

  • Have washout period from ADHD medication of at least 7-day (for stimulant treatments) or 28-day (for nonstimulant treatments) prior to the second office visit. 

  • Participants can not be pregnant. 

  • Overall good health, including healthy kidney function.


You are ineligible for the study if you:

  • Are a shift worker

  • Suffer from a psychiatric disorder

  • Have a neurological disorder

  • Taking antidepressant, antipsychotic or an anticonvulsant medication

  • If you suffer from a disorder where stimulants are contraindicated, e.g.  hypertension, cardiac disease, Tourette syndrome.

  • If you have HIV or active Hepatitis C.

  • Subject with history of significant gastrointestinal disease.

What is it?  A Natural ADHD supplement Trial
Who can participate? Adults with ADHD who are in generally good health.
How do I sign up? Call (651-342-1043) or email our clinic for some screening questions. 
How long is the study?  7 weeks
How many office visits are required? 6 office visits
Is there any compensation? Yes, $200 in addition to the natural product. 
Can I stay on ADHD meds or supplement during the study? No, you will need to stop any medication or nutritional supplement before starting the study.
Contact Us to Learn More
651-342-1043 or email

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