B12 Happy Hour


Vitamin Shot Prescription= $25 (good for 1-yr)


B12 Shot = $10

MIC Shot = $15

8-Pack B12 = $99 (can use anytime)

8-Pack MIC = $129 (can use anytime).


WHY B12?

Your body needs B12 to create energy and it is not always well absorbed orally. Many patients feel a natural, non-jittery boost in energy, increased clarity and better mood with regular B12 shots. 

Support Weight Loss


MIC Shots (a.k.a. lipotropic injection) can be used to improve fat burning in addition to supporting liver, skin and hair health. 

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It's time for sustainable health.

Immune Boosting


B12 plays an important role in cellular immune system regulation including improving Natural Killer (NK) cell activity.

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