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Do you have Lyme Disease or SIBO?

Your muscles hurt. You have episodic joint pains. You have anxiety and insomnia. You are tired all day long. You have not had a normal bowel movement in years. You had (or suspect) Lyme disease and think that you now have a chronic version of it or one of its co-infections. You feel better on antibiotics, but don't want to live your life always on them. You are convinced that you have destroyed your gut and most foods you eat seem to make you feel worse. You stop eating gluten and dairy and feel better, but good health still is out of your reach. At this time, you need to step back and blow into a tube. Take a look at the table below and notice how Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth Syndr

iSpot Lyme Test - A Clinician's Review

iSpot Lyme is a type of ELISPOT assay used for borrelia diagnosis, which belongs to the group of interferon-gamma release assays. The test is manufactured by Pharmasan Labs. Similar testing are available in Germany (BCA-labs) and Australia (InfectoLab). The EliSpot (Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Spot Assay) measures the number of activated T-lymphocytes in cell cultures that release cytokines after being challenged by the relevant antigen. The proteins used are DopA, OspC, p100, VIsE1, which represent different life cycles of Borrelia burgdorferi Image 1: T-Cells activate other white blood cells to attack antigens. iSpot Lyme counts the number of anti-Borrelia effector T cells, each one being

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