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Why you don't Need a Smart Phone - A letter to my daughter

Dear Daughter, I realize that every day after school (it’s been 2 weeks) you have given me at least 8 new creative reasons why you should have a phone with you at school. I am not being mean or trying to make your life miserable, I won’t let you have a phone because... I love you. It is hard for your 11-year old self to understand, but let me try to explain it to you. If you were Super Girl, I would never give you kryptonite to weaken your superpowers and cause you pain. Cell phones are known to emit radiation similar to a microwave oven. This radiation can cause a brain tumor called a glioma. This type of cancer causes head pain, seizures, and memory loss. Your friends at school who are usi

Prevent Germ Sharing!

It’s back to school and the kids are bringing home more than books and papers. The sniffles and sneezes of their classmates are exposing them to germs. Boost your child’s immunity with these helpful hints! Importance of Hand Washing The minute the kids walk into the house make them responsible for washing their hands. Since this is the first line of defense against illnesses, regular hand washing should be encouraged. Reminding kids to soap up the hands and sing the ABCs (wash for about 20 seconds), rinse well, and provide a clean towel to dry off. It is especially important to wash after using the bathroom, sneezing or blowing their nose. Incorporate a Regular Sleep Routine Busy kid schedul

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