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Brain Chemistry Balancing

Holistic Approach to Brain Chemistry

Imbalances in brain chemistry result in many common disorders (depression, anxiety, insomnia, phobias, bipolar, seizures). Conventional treatments focus on prescriptive medications that rarely address root causes and frequently need adjusting. Pharmaceutical treatments do not alway work, may require regular adjustments and carry many unwanted side-effects. 


A comprehensive approach to brain health attempts to treat the root causes while addressing symptoms. The brain is not a privilege site, therefore brain chemistry balancing is only achieved when the other systems in then body are stable and functional. Genetic susceptibilities, stress adaptability, digestive issues and challenges to the immune system must be diagnosed and addressed. 

Experts in the Field

Dr. Bradley Bush is a recognized expert in urinary neurotransmitter test interpretations and natural approaches to psychiatric and nervous system disorders. Dr. Bush is a regular lecturer, author, product formulator and clinical researcher. Dr. Bush is a member of the TriNutra Clinical Advisory Board, conducting clinical research on conditions such as ADHD and insomnia. 

Laboratory Diagnostics

There is more to brain health than just tirals of medications. Diagnositc testing allows for true personalization of treatments and minimizes risks of side-effects. Through testing it is possible to both address bothersome symptoms and while still treat the root causes behind the imbalances. 


Urinary neurotransmitters

4-Point salivary cortisol

Food sensitivities

Inflammatory markers

Adrenal & thyroid hormones


Autoimmune markers

Sex hormones


Best Treatments

We try using the least invasive, most natural treatments possible for any given situation. We will always treat the person first and not dismiss any plausible treatment. Most patients seen at the clinic are looking for an alternative to prescriptive drugs. We regularly reduce or titrate patients off their medications in a safe and efficient manner.


  • Neurotransmitter synthesis: amino acids, vitamins, minerals, nutritional supplements, IV nutrition

  • Neurotransmitter regulation: nutritional supplements, botanicals, pharmaceuticals

  • Endocrine support: nutritional supplements, botanicals, amino acids, hormones

  • Immune support: lifestyle, dietary, antimicrobials, nutritional supplements, pharmaceuticals, IV nutritional. 

  • Medication titration: prescription changes, compounded liquid versions, IV nutrition

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More about neurotransmitters

Integrating urinary neurotransmitter

testing for better results. 

We have over 15-years experience, innovating the clinical usage of neurotransmitter testing.

Functional Genetics


Your genes may not be working enough to keep your brain chemistry balanced. They may also not metabolize your medications properly. 

In Office and Telephone Consultations Available

Neuro-Immune Connections


The root cause behind neurotransmitter imbalances commonly stems from immune system activity. 

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