Blood Sugar Managment


Blood sugar is more than just glucose. Our comprehensive approach looks to assess & address metabolic, genetic, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and hormonal and dietary factors impacting your blood sugars.

Two types of patients who should consider this approach:

  • those who what to optimize their metabolism and cardiovascular risks 

  • those who want care that integrates the conventional and the functional focusing on root cause

Expansive & Comprehensive Laboratory Testing

Metabolic Assessment or Optimization:


blood sugars, insulin resistance, sugar tolerance

inflammation markers: full body, blood vessel, indirect markers

lipid markers: direct and indirect LDLs, oxidative damage and viscosity markers  

Nutritional: iron, vit D, homocysteine, magnesium, CoQ10

Functional gastrointestinal and  neuro-immune testing

Watch this nice overview video Type 2 Diabetes

Thyroid Function is Key

Poor blood sugar control causes many metabolic abnormalities. 

Type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, and metabolic syndrome will double your risk of developing thyroid disease. 

Low thyroid hormones cause a drop in insulin levels.

Thyroid hormone plays a key role in keeping your LDL cholesterol levels in check .

Holistic Approach



Sex Hormones

Bio-identical sex hormone replacement therapy may be used to help balance and optimize.  


Prevention and Management

Pre-Type II Diabetes 

  • Do you have family history with family members who have died with complications, lost limbs or eyesight or kidneys? 

  • Have you been told that your were at risk  with recent labs?

  • Are your living in fear having the condition?

Type II Diabetes

  • Do you want to use of nutritional and lifestyle interventions to achieve control or resolution of DM?

  • Looking for comprehensive metabolic assessment covering (the usual blood work)  gut health, hormone balance, and recommendations?