Flu Study 2016


This Minnesota branch of the study is now closed. UVLRx treatments are still available through a saftey study available through our clinic.

The Study

Natural Medicine of Stillwater is joining a select group of clinics throughout the United States in an influenza study to assess the ability of an investigational light-based medical device by UVLrx Therapeutics™ to reduce the severity and duration of influenza symptoms, both systemic and upper respiratory.The treatment device uses specific wavelengths of light to target the influenza virus while supporting the body's immune system to help combat or fight the viral infection.


The study aims at assessing the effectiveness and safety of this application.Influenza commonly causes both systemic and upper respiratory symptoms, which include nasal congestion, cough, body aches, malaise and fever. These symptoms can last between 7 to 14 days and can greatly alter a person's quality of life and ability to work. 


Study participants will undergo four sixty-minute treatments in one week in a medical clinic at no cost to the patient. Additionally, participants will return to the clinic for two more evaluations to assess symptom resolution.

To participate in the study, please call (651) 342-1043 or visit the Natural Medicine of Stillwater at 105 New England Place, Suite 220, Stillwater, MN 55082.



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About the UVLrx System
The UVLrx Treatment System™ is a polychromatic intravenous light treatment, and therefore able to modulate multiple biological systems to diverse its effect on a disease with a complex pathophysiology.  The UVLrx Treatment System™ administers wavelengths identified in the clinical literature to impact specific biochemical cascades involved in numerous medical conditions.  Overall, the UVLrx Treatment System™ uses decades of clinical literature to forge a new, innovative treatment solution.




















Patient Friendly
Administering UVLrx treatments is very similar to that of a regular IV. The Dry Light Adaptor is inserted into a conventional catheter allowing both the normal saline and UV light's fiber optic to be attached for treatment. 



















Works Against Bacterial Infections
Simple organisms like viruses and bacteria are highly susceptible to UV light. UV-induced DNA damage can affect how proteins and enzymes are produced in these organisms - having lethal effects. The light can also cause sub-lethal damage, by weakening bacteria cell walls, halting cell growth and increasing immune response.
Boosts ATP Production and Cellular Energy
Human cells response to UV light is to increase production of ATP (the cell's energy molecules) and as a result numerous cellular activities. 

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