Holistic Medicine

Holistic Approach

Our doctors are trained to view the body as an integrated system where one part impacts and influences another. When review laboratory testing and create personalized treatment plans, we keep in mind the interconnectedness of the body systems. 

Laboratory Diagnostics

We use both convenstional and specialty laboratory testing to get best data on your condition. Testing allows for more accurate diagnostics and personalization of treatments. Specialty testing includes: urinary neurotransmitter, Lyme disease, 24-hour urine hormones, IgG food sensitivities, genetics and more. 

Best Treatments

We treat the individual using the best and most natural treatment possible. Our doctors will provide you with all options and will work with you to develope the best plan for you. Natural treatments are preferred, but in cases where prescriptive medications are needed or better suited, our doctors will offer them. Treatments are designed to address root cause issues along with symptoms with least amount of side-effects. 

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In Office and Telephone Consultations Available