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An Integrative Medicine Approach

Choose from a comprehensive integrative package or individual medical disciplines

Natural Medicine of Stillwater offers the services of an integrative medical doctor (MD) and two naturopathic doctors (ND). New patients are offered a choice in how they like to be seen. Our Integrative Bundle option packages ND and MD visits together. Each clinic practitioner also offers individual new and return office visits. Naturopathic doctors are not prescribing practitioners in the state of Minnesota and therefore if any of their patients require a prescription, a Prescribing Visit is required and the prescription is co-managed with the clinic MD.

Naturopathic Doctor (ND)

1 Office visit (1-2 hours)

$250 (adult)

$180 (child 0-14 yo)


Description: NDs believe in the power of the body to heal itself, when given the chance. Our NDs take pride in finding the root cause of your health problems before giving treatment options. Natural treatments are preferred, but prescriptive medicines are not overlooked. Past labs and current supplements should be brought in for review. Complex cases with a large amount of past records to review, may require additional appointment to review all past records.


Consider this package if you are looking for a holistic, yet scientific approach to your health, looking to stop or avoid prescriptive medications or looking for a complementary/ alternative health option. Each clinic ND has over 18-years experience. 

Medical Doctor (MD)

1 Office visit (1-1.5 hours) 



Description:Walk away with a health plan based on a  comprehensive, in-depth analysis of your current health issues, this program is focused on your goals in which you will get: an analysis and findings of an extensive online questionnaire; in-depth review of previous medical records and laboratory tests; a personalized nutrition plan of specific supplementation. Targeted laboratory testing may be recommendation. A BioImpedance (Body Composition) test is performed before every visit. Comprehensive genetics review is available for an additional fee.


Consider this package if you are looking for a medical doctor with over 26 years of primary care experience who approaches health with a functional medical lens.

Chiropractic Doctor (DC)

$120 New Patient  (45min-1h) 

Return DC Visits

     $55  Return (15 min)

     $90 Return extended (30 min)

     $297 Return Acute Bundle (6 visits)*

     $561 Return Chronic Bundle (12 visits)*

$25 Therapies offered include:

  • Electric stim

  • Hot/cold packs

  • Therapeutic exercise

  • Manual therapy


Description: Our chiropractor specialized in patient-centered chiropractic recovery. We do not just treat symptoms, we evaluate the entire body to gain a holistic understanding of the problem. We then integrates traditional chiropractic care with kinesiology, neurology, pain management, supplemental nutrition and supportive exercises to give patients a better and faster recovery with longer-lasting results.

Consider our chiropractic services if you are searching for an integrative, fast and long-lasting approach to relieving your pain.