Our Philosophy

Natural Medicine of Stillwater offers alternative health solutions and new hope for what troubles you. Our practitioners are specialist in natural medicine and take a holistic, yet science-based approach to your health.

Our Team

Dr. Rebecca Bush

I help women and children who are not feeling well become healthy so they can have fun in life again.

Dr. Rebecca Bush is owner and practitioner at Natural Medicine of Stillwater where she focuses on women and children’s medicine. Dr. Bush is an advocate of preventative medicine and healthy living. She incorporates food sensitivity, neurotransmitter, hormone, cardiovascular, blood sugar, and other lab chemistries into holistic treatment protocols addressing symptoms and root causes.


Dr. Bush is a graduate from National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, OR after completing graduate work at University of Colorado in Boulder, CO. She has advanced certifications for intravenous and chelation therapies. Dr. Bush is Owner and Operator of the Neurovanna lab company that specializes in diagnostic breath testing for SIBO.


Along with her husband, founded New Hampshire Natural Health Clinic in Bedford, New Hampshire, still a thriving naturopathic clinic. After 8 years of practicing in New Hampshire, her family moved to Minnesota in 2008 where she focused on raising her four active daughters. Despite keeping very busy with family, she loves to volunteer at her children’s elementary school, the local library, and make craft projects.


Dr. Bradley Bush

I help people who have gut issues, fatigue, insomnia, & mood disorders find alternative health solutions to reclaim their lives.

Dr. Bradley Bush received his naturopathic doctor degree from National College of Naturopathic Medicine and is currently owner and Clinic Director of Natural Medicine of Stillwater. Dr. Bush’s practice focus is fatigue, insomnia, mood disorders, and Lyme disease. Previously, Dr. Bush was the co-founder and practitioner at New Hampshire Natural Health where he specialized in neuroendocrinology, intravenous therapies and lower Gi health for 8 years.


Dr. Bush has over 17-years of industry business experience and is owner of Natural Health Insights, LLC providing consultant services to the natural products and laboratory testing industry. Dr. Bush speaks nationally and regularly publishes on the topics of neuroimmunology, brain-gut connections, neuroendocrinology and Lyme disease. Dr. Bush is Owner and Operator of the Neurovanna lab company that specializes in diagnostic breath testing for SIBO. 


Dr Bush sits on nonprofit boards to expand reach of natural medicine and the Clinical Advisory Board for TriNutra, where he provides clinical research on innovative natural products.  He lives in Stillwater, MN with his naturopathic doctor wife and four daughters. He enjoys cooking wholesome food with his wife, biking with his children, swimming,  and running. 

Dr. Terri Peña

I help people resolve symptoms at the root cause level by making connections, removing roadblocks, and seeing solutions to enjoy the power of being healthy and well.

Dr. Terri Peña does things differently.  As certified functional medical provider and board certified family practice medical physician with over 20 years experience, she focuses  on achieving the goal of optimal health primarily through personalized nutrition and lifestyle interventions.

Dr. Patrick Jozwiak

I have a passion for advancing each patient’s health. I'm committed to identifying the root cause of your issue and building a recovery strategy that will quickly get you back to living your life with sustained physical wellness.

My approach to chiropractic focuses primarily on diagnostics. That includes integrating kinesiology, neurology, muscle strength testing, pain management, and supportive exercises, giving you a better and faster recovery with longer-lasting results. I have been providing comprehensive chiropractic recovery care to help people for over 15 years. I obtained my Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) degree from Lifewest Chiropractic College in Hayward, California.

Molly Ekblad

Office Manager

Molly has been working with our team for one and a half years. She was a veterinary lab tech for 16 years.  She loves to see patients restored to good health and living happily once again.

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