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It's time for sustainable health care

Natural Medicine of Stillwater provides a number of services that enables us to take a holistic, yet scientific approach to your health.

Specialty Testing

Urinary neurotransmitter

Lyme disease testing

Cardiovascular risk assessment

Food sensitivity testing

4-Point salivary cortisol assessments\

Serum, saliva & urine sex hormone testing


Thyroid assessment

Blood Sugar Management



Complementary Lyme disease

Brain balancing

Insomnia treatments

Menopausal relief

IV Nutrition

B12 Shots

Holistic thyroid management

Alternatives to statin medications

Alternatives to antidepressant medications



Balancing Brain Chemistry

Experts in neurotransmitter balancing

amino acids . genetics . lifestyle . diagnosis . laboratories . medications . nutrition

Gastrointestinal Support 

Gastroinestinal health is critical

food sensitivities . SIBO . celiac . allergy overload . leaky gut . dysbiosis . yeast overgrowth

Complementary & Alternative Lyme Disease Support

In Office and Telephone Consultations Available

Lyme diagnosis & treatment

conventional & alternative tesing . botanicals . co-infections . IV nutrition

neuro-edocrine balancing . holistic health

Vitamin & mineral IV treatments available


Myer's cocktails

High dose vitamin C

Rehydration IVs

Amino acid drips

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