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Focus & Attention

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Natural Alternative to Stimulants
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Watch the video of Dr. Bradley Bush discuss Cogniben and the clinical trial of Cogniben performed through Natural Medicine of Stillwater.

Improved Cognitive Function

The cognitive-enhancement properties of Gingko together with the properties of the PEA and caffeine induce, potentially, a broad spectrum of activities affecting multiple neuronal networks.

Cogniben™ is the first multi-target modulator for cognitive support.

Figure I: Effect of 1 week treatment with PEA, Ginkgo, and Caffeine on PEA urine levels in adult subjects with attention and focus issues. Administration of the ingredient combination found in Cogniben™ and its effect on Urine PEA levels.

The synergistic blend and ratio of ingredients in Cogniben™ are key to its demonstrated efficacy. When combined with PEA, Ginkgo may markedly improve PEA bioavailability (figure 1) and efficacy (figure 2). The combined cognitive support properties, neuronal network modulation activity, and stimulating effects of Cogniben’s™ ingredients induce a broad spectrum of benefits in a relatively short period of time, potentially expanding support options for cognitive issues.* The importance of the dopaminergic, serotonergic, cholinergic, and adrenergic neuronal networks in supporting those with cognitive disorders is supported by significant clinical research.



Safety and Efficacy of Cogniben™ on Adults with Symptoms of Cognitive Impairment.

Figure 2. Safety and Efficacy of Cogniben™ on Adults with Symptoms of Cognitive Impairment.

Dosing was titrated from half tablet Cogniben™ daily on Day 0 to tablets daily on Day 14 and maintained for an additional 5 weeks. A 42-percent reduction in the Average Symptom Score was observed over the course of the seven-week study.

A recent single-blind, dose titration, outpatient study evaluated the efficacy of Cogniben™ on 10 adults (18-55 years) with symptoms of cognitive impairment. Subjects were titrated from half tablet of Cogniben™ daily, up to the maximal does of two tablets per day by the end of the 2nd week. This dose was maintained for an additional 5 weeks. Subjects’ symptoms, well-being, and improvements were assessed via questionnaires at baseline and subsequent visits.

The primary efficacy endpoint was the average change from baseline to endpoint in total average symptom score.

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