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How to refer patient for breath testing?

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What is SIBO?

Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth(SIBO) is when bacteria that normally lives in your large intestine end up migrating to and begins living in your small intestine. The large intestine has 17 times more bacteria than the small intestines and overgrowths of bacteria in the small intestines interrupts its primary functions; nutrient absorption and immune regulation. Additionally, bacteria that normally live in the large intestines produce by-products, hydrogen and methane gasses, normally not seen in the small intestines that further disrupts intestinal functioning. When these gasses are in your small intestine, they can cause a multitude of problems and symptoms. Additionally, excessive gut bacterial activity also leads to increased metabolic by-products including ammonia and other toxic chemicals that disrupt liver health and hormone detoxing. Studies have indicated that potentially up to 80% of patients with IBS have SIBO which a Hydrogen/Methane Breath Test can easily and non-invasively help determine.

Who should perform a breath test?

Breath testing may be be indicated if you experience any of these symptoms:

  • Gas, bloating, reflux or heartburn

  • Abdominal pain

  • Constipation or diarrhea

  • Unexplained malabsorption

  • Digestive disturbance after a stomach flu or food poisoning, antibiotics, pain killers or stomach acid-reducing drugs (may also be worse from probiotics, fiber, certain fruit/veggies or whole-foods).

  • Skin problems (Acne, psoriasis, rosacea, etc.)

  • Body pain or fibromyalgia

  • Brain fog or fatigue

  • Iron deficiency or gut symptoms when taking iron supplements

  • Cognitive dysfunction (memory, concentration/brain fog)

  • Neurological disorders including Parkinson’s Disease.

  • Treatment resistant insomnia and anxiety


Breath testing for SIBO


The Hydrogen/Methane Breath Test with lactulose challenge is used to diagnose SIBO. This test can be performed at our clinic or performed at your home with simple to use collection kits. The test is performed after the cessation of certain medications that interfere with intestinal motility, digestion, and microflora balance. A 1-2 day preparation diet is also required. More about breath test collection 

SIBO testing performed in the clinic.


Test in the clinic or take home collection materials. 

Reduced costs, discounted retesting and fast turn-around-time. 

How to Refer to clinic for breath testing?

Doctor/ Practitioner Referrals

Print and fax completed referral form along with a Release of Records Form (if you want a copy of testing released to you). If you are requesting a lactulose breath test and you are not a prescribing practitioner, see below:




Prescription Needed for Lactulose Testing?

Print and fax completed referral form along with a Release of Records Form (if you want a copy of testing released to you). If you are requesting a lactulose breath test and you are not a prescribing practitioner, please note that a lactulose prescribing visit will be required. A glucose breath test can be requested without a prescription.

Sliding Scale Pricing for In-Office Testing

Natural Medicine of Stillwater in partnership with the local non-profit, Compass Healing, and laboratory device manufacturer, QuinTron Instrument Company, Inc. This collaboration is now providing medical breath testing services on an income based sliding scale. See prices and if you qualify. 





Long-Distance SIBO Patients

If you are looking to become an establish patient of Natural Medicine of Stillwater for comprehensive SIBO treatments, please contact us to schedule a new patient phone consult. Comprehensive SIBO testing often involves a combination or herbal and prescriptive antibiotics. Prescription antibiotics can only be scripted after an in-office prescribing visit with one of our clinic prescribers. 


Free to contact clinic for a free 10-minute talk with one of our practitioners to determine if you are a good candidate for our services. 

Complementary SIBO Services

  • IV Nutritional Therapy: Myers IVs, High Dose Vitamin C, Glutathione IVs

  • Prokinetic prescribing: Herbal and prescriptive options to support health migratory motor complex functioning within the intestines. 

  • Conventional and alternative lab testing

  • Allergy, sensitivities, mass cell disorders support




Downloadable Forms

Breath Test Referral

Breath Testing Instructions (in-office)

Breath Testing Prices

Minnesota Release of Records Form




​SIBO Preparation Diet Length

Constipation = 2 days

Diarrhea = 1 day 

Frequently Asked SIBO Testing Questions​

What is lactulose?

Lactulose is a manmade sugar that humans cannot digest, but SIBO bacteria love; acting like fertilizer for SIBO bugs. Drinking lactulose will not cause the same “sugar-high” as sugars that humans can digest (like sucrose or fructose). Lactulose is also used as a laxative, so some people may experience effects of needing to use the restroom during the test. Sometimes people may feel an exasperation in symptoms caused by SIBO activity (like bloating, gas), but some people do not experience any at all.

Is Lactulose the same as Lactose?

No. Lactose is the sugar from milk, while lactulose is a completely different chemical makeup that is manmade. The lactulose that comes in the SIBO kits is a liquid solution. This solution, however, does contain 1.2 grams of lactose in it, so people who are severely lactose intolerant should ask their doctor if this test is right for them.


Which medications will affect the outcome of a hydrogen breath test?

Below is a list of medicine and duration they need to be avoided prior to breath testing:

Narcotics: 1-4 days before testing (4-days is ideal)

Laxatives (such as Metamucil, Dulcolax, Ex-Lax): 4-days before taking test

Antibiotics: 4 weeks before taking test (2 weeks in some cases)

Antifungals​: 2 weeks before testing

Probiotics: 4 days before taking test

High doses of Magnesium, Vitamin C, etc. 4- days before testing. Anything you are taking to stimulate your bowel moments should be avoided 4-days before testing. 

Can I use seasonings during the restricted diet?

The only seasonings allowed are salt and black pepper; used in moderation.

Can I chew gum during the preparation period?

No, gum is not allowed during any part of the preparation period.



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