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Spinal Neuromuscular Care: Beyond Traditional Chiropractic

The use of chiropractic care by traditional means is to manipulate the joints within the spine and extremities. This approach worked successfully with many patients and continues to do so. However, in my experience, I continued to see patients with symptoms that were far more complex. In some instances, a number patients would continue to exhibit the same chronic symptoms despite my best efforts treating them through traditional means.

I’m grateful for my frustration, because it drove me to do countless hours of research, seminars and learning from others in the physical medicine field as to how they approach healing. I met with and researched the methodologies of countless Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Medical Doctors, and Physical Trainers. I extracted and incorporated their methodologies into my own to define a unique approach to diagnosing and treating the entire body from a spinal neuromuscular approach.

The result is many patients have benefited by getting quicker and longer lasting results.

Meet Dr. Patrick and learn why he became a chiropractor.

Services Offered in the Physical Medicine Department

Traditional chiropractic: Joints are meant to move. Lack of joint mobility affects the way or how efficiently the body moves. Inefficient movement can cause the body to over compensate and eventually cause premature wear and tear on the joints themselves. Muscles then have to work harder and eventually cause pain. The spine is the conduit for the brain and the rest of the body therefore it's important it functions correctly. We offer spinal and extremity adjustments.

Muscle assessment testing: We look at not only how well you move, but what compensation patterns you may have developed as a result of prior injury or a repetitive stress on the body. Muscles usually aren’t tight for no reason. For some reason, your brain has decided that it needs to tighten or splint an area. It’s important we assess what muscles are under working and which may be overworking. We do strength tests on individual muscles, and then in combination with others, to see how everything is working on a global perspective. From here, we can develop a care plan to allow for the appropriate treatment.

Supportive exercises: When it has been determined that a muscle is under performing, we incorporate the use of muscle activation techniques as a means to restore the body-brain connection and prepare the body for full use. Once it’s been determined that the muscle in question can handle the load, we move to strength supportive exercises.

Taping: Sometimes either through trauma or repetitive use, the area in question may need extra support. We do this through the use of taping. This can be used in a supportive role or as part of an anti-inflammatory protocol.

Some patients may require more resources than others. Any one or combination of all can be used as a post-injury or performance enhancing scope. Patients that are in either acute or chronic pain have a local or systemic inflammatory condition that we can help address as well.

Here at Natural Medicine of Stillwater, we are in a unique position to offer services from Western medicine, Natural medicine and Physical medicine all under one roof.

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