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Clinical Studies

Natural Medicine of Stillwater conducts clinical research on a regular basis. Check back frequently and sign up for our clinic newsletter to ensure you are notified of new studies.


We recognize the importance of partnering with industry sponsors to increase natural medicine. Additionally, clinical studies enable our patients to have access to laboratory services and medical therapies that can make important impact towards their health goals.


Our clinic actively participates in research designs to ensure safety and maximize any potential health outcomes.


Active Studies


Black Seed Oil Hypertension Study (Now Enrolling)


Past Studies

A Polychromatic Light Emitting Diode System to Deliver Low Dose Light Directly into a Peripheral Intravascular Catheter: A Chronic Fatigue Study (UVL_0008)

Antioxidant- Dopamine Fatigue Study 


Babesia T-Cell Test 

Flu UV Light Therapy

IBD Exploratory Research Study

Persistent Lyme Disease

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