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Vitamin shots

Know you have low B12 levels? 


Poor absorption from digestive issues?



Why B12? Your body needs B12 to create energy and it is not well absorbed orally. Many patients feel a natural, non-jittery boost in energy, increased clarity and better mood.

Who benefits? Everyone! Especially those who live busy lives, athletes, seniors, vegans, vegetarians, those on prescriptive meds.


Try B12 shots if you experience: fatigue, colds & flu, thyroid/ adrenal imbalances, anxiety, depression, menopause, acne, allergies, psoriasis, nerve pain, Lyme disease, obesity, heart disease, GI disorders and many more acute/chronic disorders. B12 shots are quick and 100% absorbed.



















No appointments needed


Call for details



Appointments &

Walk-Ins Welcomed

MIC + B12 $20
(Methionine, Inositol & Choline)
Weight loss, detox
Decrease cholesterol
Liver support
(add-ons $5 each)
B-Complex, B6
Magnesium, Folate
B12 $15

If not an existing patient at Natural Medicine of Stillwater, a $25 prescribing visit is required before receiving any shot.

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