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Natural Medicine of Stillwater remained open for business throughout the pandemic. We took a great care in providing a safe space where vital services were offered in-person. We also expanded our remote capabilities which has served dual purpose in making our clinic available to more people over a greater geography.


We lifted the mask requirement on January 2nd 2023 in compliance with CDC guidelines.

It is great to see your smiling faces again.

We are aware that masking had been a contentious point for many of our patients but at the end of the day our clinic will always place patient’s safety first. However, masks can still be a good idea for some people. Here’s what you need to know about masking and staying prepared for the future.

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What are our current masking guidelines?

Masking is optional. However, it is recommended for anyone at risk for severe COVID-19 or anyone presenting with symptoms after COVID-19 exposure.

Your personal comfort level
It is fine to keep wearing a mask if it makes you feel more comfortable. Additionally, it is your right to request your clinic doctor to wear a mask when making your appointment or during your appointment.

Not sure about your COVID-19 risk status?
It may be a good idea to talk to one of our doctors about monoclonal antibodies and ways to prevent infection.

Here’s to seeing smiling faces and building a more loving community
It is a relief to see the low COVID-19 transmission rates in our community. Just like you, we hope that the worst of COVID-19 is behind us.

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